Rubin Lab

About us

The focus of Dr. Rubin's laboratory based research during the past decade has been the development of molecular biomarkers capable of distinguishing indolent from aggressive prostate cancer. His research relies on close collaboration with scientists and physician scientists in urology, medical oncology, and molecular biology. The laboratory uses a variety of techniques including next generation sequencing, RT-PCR, laser capture microdissection, high density tissue microarrays, SNP arrays, tiling arrays, and cDNA expression arrays in combination with clinical and morphologic parameters to identify significant associations. Some of his more significant work published in Nature and JAMA identified novel biomarkers including hepsin, pim-1 kinase, ERG, MTA, Jagged 1, EZH2 and alpha-methlyacyl-CoA racemase. His ability to develop a translational research team led to the landmark discovery identifying fusion of the TMPRSS2 and ETS families of transcription factors in prostate cancer. These translocations were discovered by applying a novel bioinformatics approach and are believed to be the most common translocations yet described in any solid tumor.